'All about Romance'

For my final year collection, my inspiration came from my trip to Rome. I was exposed to many different themes around Roman history and lifestyle, but I found myself being really inspired by the Roman Goddess Flora. Flora is the Goddess of all-natural beauty; she embodies femininity and is the holder of new life. In 200bc the Roman people would hold flower festivals in her honour as they believed that if they worshipped Flora, she would bring them a healthy environment and crops. I found this to be very influential in the times we live in today, as we find ourselves honouring the same foundations of life, for us to have a healthy environment. I chose to express my research in a four-piece collection that demonstrates textile manipulation by screen printing and hand painting rose gold and mint green foiling in the shapes of flowers. My collection demonstrates the femininity Flora embodies and also the flower festival that were held in her honour.

All pictures taken by Mark Harry, website can be found at-

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